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Letter To a Future Author

Letter to a future author

Following the release of my book “Trust Your Journey”, I’ve received a ton of emails, phone calls, and direct messages about my writing process. Some of the frequently asked questions were:
– “How much time did it take you to complete your book?”
– “Did you pay an editor?”
– “Did you really write the book yourself?”
I even received several manuscripts from aspiring authors who were eager to know if their writing was good enough to be published. I decided to write an open letter to aspiring authors to help guide them through their writing process.

My writing process was a breeze. I wrote the book over the span of ten months. I wanted the book to be great! I didn’t want to force a mediocre book into the hands of my readers. I take pride in everything that I do, so time wasn’t of the essence for me. The writing process varies for all authors. Some authors take years to complete a book, while others are finished in weeks. There’s no right or wrong way to complete your book. This is your project, and you have full control over its release. If you decide to publish through a publishing company, you will probably have a deadline. Many companies are eager to increase revenue, and they aren’t interested in slowing down sales for stubborn creative juices. We are living in a time where self publishing is the new trend however, so go with the publishing process that suits you best.

Before I started writing I decided what I wanted to write about. After i chose the topic, I created the chapter titles by using a syllabus format, and then I gradually filled in the chapters with content. There were days where the words quickly filled the page, and then there were days were I suffered from every writer’s worst fear; the infamous writers block! The case of writers block is completely normal. I didn’t pressure myself during those times I just stopped writing. I started praying before writing because it gave me strength, and peace. I tend to get pretty anxious during projects and praying keeps me levelheaded.

I thought the book was complete on several occasions but it just didn’t feel right. I sent the manuscript to my manager because having an extra set of eyes is essential in writing. There are so many words in a book, and errors can easily be overlooked. Always have someone you trust proofread your writing before releasing it. I read my book over 1,000 times and I found a mistake almost every single time. It was pretty frustrating, but it was necessary. I didn’t hire a ghost writer or an editor. I made that decision because I believed in my writing. Microsoft word has many features that detects run-on sentences, fragments, and misspelled words. Use Microsoft word to your advantage! It’s not the be all end all, but it does help.

The tricky thing about writing is that it needs to sound good. It has to have a particular style that catches the reader’s attention. Ghost writers are needed for many people because writing is truly a gift. We all have our talents, and writing might not be yours. I believe that everyone has a story that is worthy to be told, but everyone isn’t skilled enough to write it alone. If writing isn’t your gift, hiring a ghost writer is completely fine. Ghost writers normally charge between $2,000 to over $500,000. I know what you’re thinking. “Wow that’s a huge price range and it’s so expensive!” Remember that you get what you pay for! When choosing a ghost writer, always ask for writing samples. Hiring a cheap ghost writer is always a gamble because most of them are inexperienced, and there are cases where cheap writers have plagiarized another writer’s work. Writing isn’t an easy task so don’t underestimate the work load. I’m a ghost writer and my rates are determined by the amount of words, pages, and the amount of time I’m given to complete the project.

When my book was complete, I decided to get it copyrighted through the department of the library of congress. The link is: http://www.copyright.gov/forms/
I paid $55 but there is another option available to writers that are cost effective. The second option is “The poor man’s copyright”. This process involves printing out the entire body of work, placing it in an envelope, and mailing it to yourself. When the envelope is stamped, the work is considered copyrighted. Don’t open the envelope and keep it somewhere safe.

I decided to publish my book through a local publishing company  named Dope Publishing. If you’re interested in self publishing, Amazon is the way to go! You will be responsible for all branding and promotional materials. Have fun and remember my favorite motto, “You will get out of it, what you put into it”. Invest in yourself! You’re worth it:-)

Cost effective tips for book covers and formatting:
-Contact your local graphic designer
-Create an account on Fiverr.com
I spent $20 on my cover design by using this website. The site connects you with amazing artists from all over the world.
-Find out what size your book will be. The dimensions include ( front cover, spine, back cover).
Your spine needs to be able to fit all of the pages in your book, so please give the final page count to your graphic designer.
-Your book will need an Isbn number to identify your book. The link to order your number is: www.isbn.org
If you’re releasing a hard copy and an eBook, you will need two separate Isbn numbers.
-You will need a press release to announce the arrival of your book.
Fiverr.com provides this service as well. You can also use the website for flyers and any other marketing materials.

For any further questions, feel free to contact me at Raelia.lewis@gmail.com

Trust Your Journey is available at RaeliaLewis.com

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