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The Effects Of Milk of Magnesia.

If you know anything about makeup, I’m
sure you’ve noticed the gurus of social media pushing another new trend. Oily skin can make some of the best makeup look bad, so many makeup artist’s have adopted a new trick to decrease the shine and enhance the products!

Milk of Magnesia is the new “fix” that decreases oily skin! I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos and makeup demonstrations that show artists slapping “M.O.M” on clients faces before adding foundation. The end results look pretty good but everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Let’s start off by breaking down what “Milk of Magnesia” really is. M.O.M is a saline laxative that is used to relieve constipation and temporary stomach problems. The medicine is thought to work by bringing water into the intestines, which eventually causes movement in the intestines.

The two main ingredients in M.O.M are magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). Mg(OH)2 is considered the “neutralizer” because it acts as an antacid by reducing the symptoms of acid reflex. Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO),also known as bleach, acts as a pH adjuster because it is very low in concentration.

The chemicals in M.O.M. work together and when applied to the face, they effectively absorb lipids on the skin; removing its natural shine.

M.O.M has a PH balance of 10.5 while your skins PH balance is between 5 to 8. M.O.M is a basic chemical, and it’s PH balance is too high for our skin. Over time, constant use of this new found “beauty secret”, will cause permanent damage.

Adding a product with a basic PH balance will turn your skins PH balance basic. When the skin is at a basic PH, all kinds of skin problems will surface. Acne, dermatitis, craters (which are a nightmare) will now make your face their new home.

A beauty tip should never have long term negative effects. M.O.M should not be used as a primer, and your makeup artist should know enough about skincare to only use products that keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Makeup is only temporary! The goal is to allow makeup to enhance your beauty; not create your beauty.

Always be aware of the products your makeup artist uses, because makeup artistry has been “watered down” recently. Many people don’t know enough about proper skincare to even apply makeup to their own skin. YouTube and social media is saturated with so many artists with different routines, that it becomes difficult to sift out the professionals from the amateurs. Find out what works best for your skin and stay away from the infamous M.O.M.