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The inspiration behind “Trust Your Journey.”

The inspiration behind Trust Your Journey

When I started writing Trust Your journey it took me a while to decide what I wanted the book to be about. I was living in Miami chasing my dreams and I reached a place where I noticed things were happening. I started to see my dreams come true right before my eyes. I decided to use my voice to inspire other people. There may be a girl or even a guy out there who needs that extra push to fly.

When you’re bold enough to follow your dreams you’ll be faced with a ton of opposition, struggle, and some pain. And even after you make some noise and get your feet wet a little those feelings will resurface again. It’s like the universe plays tricks with you for a while you know. You fall, you stand, you fall, you crawl, you fall and then you soar. There are lessons to be learned through all of your trials. These moments of grief shape you into the best version of what you will ever be.

Envision yourself as a boxer whose fighting for the championship belt. You train, sacrifice and work your ass off to win. You get in the ring, throw some punches and you get punched on too. Maybe you underestimated your opponent, maybe he’s more powerful then you expected and now you have to work even harder to win. Everything made sense when you were training alone and shadow boxing with a friend. This match is the real deal however, and you need to be prepared to win under any and all circumstances. You fight hard and you win. Life.

Trust Your Journey is a story of hope. It’s an inspirational story full of lessons, wisdom, visionary exercises that are great coping methods for low self esteem, fear, and depression. It encourages the reader to not only pray, but to take action. Go take what you want out of life and don’t stop fighting until you get it. All things are possible if you believe that they are. Take a risk…Trust Your journey.