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Trust Your Journey FAQ


  1. What will readers gain from reading “Trust Your Journey?” Readers will gain knowledge of the tools that are needed to become successful. After reading the book, readers will be able to create the life that they want by following my examples. They will learn how to meditate, complete visionary exercises, and train their minds to see the positive side of everything.
  2. What is “Trust Your Journey” about? Trust your journey is a story of hope. It encourages the readers to find their purpose and empower their minds. The book educates readers on the importance of positive thinking, visionary exercises, and the power of prayer. I include real life experiences to encourage the readers to stay focused because their current destination is only temporary.
  3. What makes your book unique? My book has a small journal in the back where readers will be able to write down their affirmations and goals. I wanted the book to be an outlet for dreamers. It’s very easy to get lost in your thoughts. Many people come to me on a daily basis for advice on how to stay motivated, and inspired. I believe that writing is essential to motivation. Writing down your goals is not only affirming greatness, but it also gives you direction. When you know where you’re going great things will begin to happen.
  4. Did you write the book yourself? Yes! I decided to write the book because I really believed in my writing ability. Ghost writers can be expensive, and I didn’t think I needed one. I made the risky decision to self edit my book as well. It was a ton of hard work but it was worth it.
  5. Is it available on Kindle? Yes! The E-Book is available on Amazon.com.